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  • Media Production

    What we want to accomplish:
    - To produce Christian media materials that can deliver the message of Christ in a creative way to the Arab culture, which is a story telling culture. Some of these materials are straightforward Christian materials delivering the message of Christ. Other media material includes good moral values which appeal to all ages and any religious affiliation.

    Local satellite channels are becoming open to broadcasting our programs.

    Community Outreach

    What we want to accomplish:
    - To bring material relief of food, clothing and medicines to the poor in most need in the West Bank, Bethlehem and Gaza, and through this they will experience Christ's love, and how much He loves them.

    - To deliver care programs and spiritual comfort for the elderly in nursing homes and children who are orphaned.

    - To sponsor micro-enterprise projects that encourage and assist families to sustain themselves.

    - To bring mobile medical clinics for those who have no medical coverage, or difficulties in accessing appropriate medical care.

    - To provide water storage tanks for homes in Bethlehem and the West Bank.

    Evangelistic Discipleship Tours for Locals

    What we want to accomplish:
    The people of the Holy Land are of a storytelling culture, and everywhere we step is a Bible story. Young people don't go to church, so the land is their church or classroom, and it is a real way of reaching their hearts about Jesus. We run 6 trip programs that encourage discipleship in students, Christians, Muslims, and those in the local community who are not allowed to travel. We focus on the authenticity of the Bible and our archaeological tours prove that what is recorded in the Bible is the truth.

    Distribution of Christian Materials

    What we want to accomplish:
    - To distribute suitable Christian media materials for the local Christians and Muslims; to share Christ, and to encourage and build the Church and believers.

    - To distribute Christian praise and worship media materials to local Christians and Muslims at special times like Christmas and Easter, and events such as religious workshops and conferences.

    - To reveal the living word of Jesus by providing Christian Media Libraries across Israel and Palestine. Students, including Muslim children, will be able to watch Christian films and be encouraged to learn more about Jesus. This project is also being made available to Christian Community Centers; Sunday Schools and Youth Groups.

Jerusalem |Evangelistic|Outreach

Specific Projects

  • Providing a meeting place for all people with the atmosphere
    of Christ's love, in the midst of busy city areas.
    Offering Christian films, books to read or for sale, and
    conversation with Christians.

  • A powerful way to share the Gospel of Christ right here on
    the holy sites. Epecially for locals who are not able to move freely in the Holy Land.

  • Visit the elderly and orphans with practical help and personal and spiritual comfort. Show them the love of Jesus with songs and stories.

  • A thriving centre with Christian activities for local children, youth and young families is planned for 2013.

  • Making Christian films available to local radio and TV channels across the Holy Land.

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About Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach

The Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach (JEO) was established in 1989 by a local pastor with the purpose of reaching Arabs with the message of salvation. Since Arabs come from an oral society in which storytelling is still seen as a way of preserving culture, the outreach is done through media production and distribution, relief ministry, bookstores in the Holy Land, and trips to Biblical sites to teach their stories and significance.

Our vision at JEO is to see all people in the Holy Land coming to Christ and the church growing and influencing society. We are ecumenical and nondenominational. We work in both Israel and Palestine. In Israel we are registered as a nonprofit organization. In Palestine we are under the local Evangelical Council of Churches.


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